Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Reproduction Sampler addiction begins

Just last week I discovered the world of reproduction samplers.  Of course, I've known there were sites such as The Essamplaire which specializes in charting reproduction kits of actual antique samplers, but I honestly had never really given this genre of stitching all that much thought.  Then, for whatever reason, I decided to dig a little deeper on the web and investigate this topic a bit closer.

I discovered another site, The Scarlet Letter, which also produces reproduction sampler kits, and there I happened to discover and fall in love with quite a few of these works of art.  I was so enamored, in fact, that I made my first purchase of a kit with silks to stitch.

The sampler I've chosen is Elizabeth Simon 1758.  I just loved the colors and design of this sampler

 immediately, and once I saw the 23rd Psalm incorporated into this piece, I felt I had to stitch it myself. 
So, with some birthday money recently deposited into the checking account, I bit the bullet and ordered 
this!   I can't wait for the kit to arrive. 

I also happened upon another blog (another new passion! Blog hunting!) and this blog is devoted to a 

challenge for 2013 to complete a reproduction sampler from The Scarlet Letter! Perfect timing, kismet, 
or what?  Now, I had already purchased and even managed to put a few stitches into another HUGE 
challenge this year to stitch the Dames Exemplar's work, "And They Sinned."  So, I have a busy year
 ahead of me, but I couldn't be happier! 

My goals then, are ...

1 - work on And They Sinned
2 - join the Scarlet Letter Year with Elizabeth Simon 1758

3 - work on finishing up my vast stash of WIPs, namely Carriage House Samplings "Village of 
Hawk Run Hollow" among others.  Oh yes, there are quite a few others! 
4- learn a bit more how this Blogger works!  I know I really need to spice this up with PICTURES! 

Happy Saturday and Happy Stitching!  Next post will hopefully have lots of pics to share. ;)

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  1. We certainly do share similar tastes, I have stitched And They Sinned