Sunday, November 3, 2013

Village of Hawk Run Hollow

Finally picked up my framed Village of Hawk Run Hollow on Wednesday, and I'm so pleased with the beautiful framing job which Kathy did over at The Crossstitch Cupboard (Fort Lauderdale).  Karen - the owner of CSC - chose the frame.   I think her choice perfectly suits this piece.  She actually matched the shade of the distressed parts of the frame to a color in the stitched piece, and it looks ideal.  

I stitched this on 40 count Golden Harvest linen by Silkweavers.  The silk flosses I used were a conversion dyed by Vikki Clayton, and I loved stitching with them.  Next BAP is going to be Shores of HRH, but not until I finish the annual Christmas stitching (what am I talking about? I haven't even finished the Halloween stitching I'm working on here! LOL!)

Happy weekend, everyone.  And enjoy your "extra hour of sleep!