Monday, December 30, 2013

A Year in Review or PRE-view

I'm not one to dwell on the past. I mean, sure I think about the past- who doesn't? But the past is just that - PAST, OVER, KAPUT, SAYONARA BABY! 
All these year in reviews on TV and mass media are just "filler" to me. Who cares what already happened when it's time to look forward to what the new year has in store, right? Right!

First of all, a big "no no" in my book is the concept of a RESOLUTION. New Year's Resolutions by nature are just begging to be broken. 
    C'mon, let's be honest, have you ever  stuck tried and true to a resolution you have made?  What? You have?! Well, good for you! I mean it - you deserve an award or something because I've never stuck to a single one I've ever made, and I'm talking about 48 years of my life. 
But, this doesn't mean I don't have PLANS!  

    Ah yes, the PLAN. You see, if you know me well, you'll know that I'm famous for my plans. Maybe it's because I spent almost twenty years writing up lesson plans for the classes I taught? I don't know for certain, but I do know I'm forever PLANNING and jotting notes to myself for things I hope to accomplish that day, or week, etc...  

   It's no surprise then that an imminent New Year is just bursting with opportunities for planning.  Mind you, NOT resolutions - they're begging to be broken -- but plans, well they're a whole different story!  Plans are ADAPTABLE.  
You can change or modify plans and a lightning bolt doesn't strike you down.  Friends don't scold you if you change your plans. You don't beat your chest crying and cursing at yourself if your plans need a little tweaking here and there.  And so, with that in mind, I've created my Master Plan for 2014. 

I'm calling 2014 "The Year of the Sampler!"  That's right, folks.  That big old cardboard box you see above is just chock full of samplers all kitted up and ready for me to dive into.  I'm not going to STRESS about schedules or deadlines or rotations either.  Stitching brings me joy and relaxation.  No point in putting a big ole damper on the works by drafting some schedule I must follow.  No way! 

Starting Wednesday, January 1st, 2014, I PLAN to focus on my stash of samplers. I hope to make a whole year out of stitching my little heart out by concentrating, first and foremost, on the samplers I've bought over the years.  Since I've already started "The Sampler" by Scarlet Letter, and "Cornelia Vanderveer" by Scarlet Letter, those will be my focal projects to begin the year.   

I have some SAL's I've signed up for as well, like Barbara Ana's "Snooty Parrots" and Blackbird Designs "Christmas Garden" (both are SAL's on Facebook) so I'll try to keep on top of those as well as my Scarlet Letter and other samplers waiting in that box.  It's really open to change and adaptation but I do hope to concentrate on this plan.  

"Jacob's Ladder Sampler" by Kunst and Vliegwerk (K&V 9704) stitched by Laurie. Posted on Corgi's Cottage blog 9/8/2012

How about you? Any stitching plans for the year ahead?  Here's wishing you all a HAPPY, HEALTHY, and PROSPEROUS new year. And may your plans bring you peace and joy in the coming year without any of those nasty guilt trips which resolutions are prone to bring along.  Plan, stitch, change plans, adapt, but above all strive to be happy no matter what the new year brings your way.  
"Norfolk Diligence" by Heart's Ease Examplar Workes 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

Hope your Christmas is Merry ... And by that, I mean I hope Santa
brought you some new stitchy things to add to your stash! 
Have a wonderful holiday
- Kevin

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Santa, can you spare an elf or two?

Another Christmas is upon us, and, as is "tradition" here with me, I once again find myself hanging my head in shame regarding the many incomplete Christmas items I had hoped to stitch in time for the 25th.

First off is this Dimensions Gold kit which I've admired for a couple of years and finally purchased from EBay.  I opened the kit this morning just to glance at the charts, threads, and instructions and immediately felt my heart racing like a kid opening his gifts under the tree!  That joy and thrill of starting a new project was slightly hindered when I pulled out the "pre-sorted" threads for the project and found this:

Can we say, "Ugh!"  However, I'm undaunted and will persevere in untangling this "rat's nest" of threads and, hopefully, will start stitching this shortly.   I mean, what's wrong with adding one more project to the ever-growing WIP pile, right? (Don't faint - this is the stack presently tottering next to my stitching spot: 

Yes, I know, I do suffer from a case of SADD (Stitcher's Attention Deficit Disorder) which is why there really are do few photos of things actually FINISHED on this blog.   Lol! 

Aside from the stack there, I have a Scarlet Letter sampler calling my name over on my Millenium frame and stand.  And, these three WIP's that are in various states of completion (or should I say various states of "beginning?)  
Santa - can't you spare an elf or two who knows how to stitch to come down to sunny Florida and away from the cold North Pole?  

Away We Ride (Blackbird Designs)
Hearts and Holly (Lizzie Kate) 
Quaker Christmas II - Songs of the Season

Merry Christmas to all of my stitching friends out there! I have to run now -
that Dimensions kit is calling my name! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hurry -- SANTA'S taken Nancy hostage at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe!

Santa is busy over at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe! 

If you haven't visited Nancy's wonderful blog 

then get on over there and leave a note for Nancy, errr, I mean Santa ...
you see, I know Nancy is SUPER GENEROUS with her lovely giveaways of her gorgeous threads, 
I have a sneaky suspicion that SANTA may have taken our dear Nancy HOSTAGE!!

Yes, that's right! 
Go look for yourselves -- she's giving away so many things each day, the only explanation is
that Santa (and his elves) must be forcing her to work like crazy over there! 
We'll know for sure if we see his white beard flecked with "Sampler Blue" or "1795 Green" 
or any of the other HUNDREDS of colors Nancy dyes her threads with! 

Mark my words! 
If you find any multi-colored fingerprints on the dish of cookies left for Santa
on the morning of December 25th,
then I know my suspicions were correct!  ;-)

Good luck on entering Nancy's giveaways, 
and check out her shop link while you're on her page too! 
Nancy is very talented, and I'm sure you'll love her large pallette of colors!  

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent Calendar Blog Hop - Day Two

Welcome to the Advent Calendar Blog Hop! 

Prairie Schooler 2013 Santa
18 count Country Mocha Aida 

In case you didn't know, Jo over at Serendipitous Stitching 
is hosting her annual Advent Calendar. 
 Make sure you check her blog each day for daily surprises behind each door! 

Today is Day Two of Advent which means we're getting closer to Christmas with each passing minute.
No wonder poor Santa has his Cuckoo Clock chirping and his trusty compass and clock both 
attached to his wrist!  Poor guy.  And here I thought I had it rough trying to keep up with 
Christmas stitching. (Unlike Santa, I gave up on a lot of my plans - not enough hours in the day
to stitch all the Shepherd's Bush stockings I wanted to make - LOL) 
My motto: There's always next year! 

Jo asked that each of us participating in the Advent Blog Hop share a recipe or tradition
which our culture or family follows each Christmas. 
I come from strong Scandinavian roots, having a maternal grand-mother who was Swedish
and a paternal grand-mother who was Norwegian. 
Every year we spent Christmas Eve at my Norwegian grand-mother's house, and I miss
that tradition terribly now that she's gone.  One tradition which she always made sure
we followed was the Scandinavian tradition of having Risengrod, or rice porridge, Christmas Eve.
 (My grandmother actually made and served rice pudding, not porridge.)
It was DELICIOUS, and no one in our family has 
ever been able to replicate it just like hers despite many attempts.

We'd go to church after dinner, then return to her house for coffee and the rice pudding.
The tradition is to have one almond hidden in the batch.  
Whomever gets the dish with the almond is supposed to have a year of good fortune ahead,
but my grandmother always added a little special wrapped gift to the person receiving the almond. 

I found this link which explains the tradition a bit more and includes a recipe - 
but I'm not vouching for its taste as I've never had this rice porridge before.

Here's to wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holiday! 
Don't forget to eat your Risengrod on Christmas Eve to keep the nissen away! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Village of Hawk Run Hollow

Finally picked up my framed Village of Hawk Run Hollow on Wednesday, and I'm so pleased with the beautiful framing job which Kathy did over at The Crossstitch Cupboard (Fort Lauderdale).  Karen - the owner of CSC - chose the frame.   I think her choice perfectly suits this piece.  She actually matched the shade of the distressed parts of the frame to a color in the stitched piece, and it looks ideal.  

I stitched this on 40 count Golden Harvest linen by Silkweavers.  The silk flosses I used were a conversion dyed by Vikki Clayton, and I loved stitching with them.  Next BAP is going to be Shores of HRH, but not until I finish the annual Christmas stitching (what am I talking about? I haven't even finished the Halloween stitching I'm working on here! LOL!)

Happy weekend, everyone.  And enjoy your "extra hour of sleep! 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

2013 Halloween Blog Hop

Pumpkin Pete says, "Thanks for stopping at the next stop on the Halloween Blog Hop!" 

Your blog hop letter is:

In case you're not able to see, your letter is T

Now follow Pumpkin Pete on over to the next blog on your Halloween Hop:

Monday, October 28, 2013

Dragonflylotus hand spun threads - discount code!

Sorry I haven't posted in ages. 
Today I wanted to post about the beautiful hand spun wool fibers which I've been using to stitch my LHN Sheep Virtues project. Liz at Dragonflylotus Hand Spun Threads has created a beautiful line of 100% wool fibers specifically for this project, but she has all sorts of gorgeous fibers at her site.

If you're a floss hound like I am, you'll be happy to know Liz kindly gave me a code 
for my followers to use towards 10% off your order through November 4th! 
This code is good towards anything on her site.
 The code for your discount is: CABBAGE

I think her wool fibers are perfect for the LHN sheep (baa baa...) but you'll see all sorts of goodies in a wide pallette of colors at her site. 
 If you hurry on over, she also has a Stash Enhancement Special on the Petite Manzanita Silk Palette which is 40% off until Thursday, October 31st!  GREAT BUY!! :-)

And, speaking of Thursday, it's almost HALLOWEEN! Yikes! 
To get in the "spirit" of the holiday, Saturday night I watched the film "The Conjuring" on demand. 
It's based upon an actual case of a New England house haunting in the early 1970's 
and I'd be lying if I said it didn't scare the daylights out of me!  
Check it out if you like scary movies! 
And let me know afterwards if you'd like to play "hide and clap!"  EEK! 

I'm trying my best to finish up "Away We Ride" by Blackbird Designs before Halloween arrives, 
but I still have quite a bit to stitch.  Hoping today will be a marathon stitching day! ;-)

Have fun browsing Liz's site - and use that code (CABBAGE) 
to try out some of her beauties at 10% off !  

Friday, October 4, 2013

I'm back! Two blogs I highly recommend you visit.

Let me begin today by saying, where in the world did August and September go!? Is it just me, or did those months seem to fly by this year?  I am long past due for a blog post, and today I would like to talk about two blogs which I highly enjoy.  I hope you might take a minute between counting stitches this weekend to check them out.  (Just click the titles below to visit them.)  I probably have mentioned these two before, so forgive me if I'm repeating myself, but they really are worth a look.

First up is Blacksheep's Bit of the Web which is a quite popular blog that you may already follow.  If not, you owe it to yourself to take a look at Edgar's beautiful stitching (and his travel pics, the mouth watering goodies he likes to cook, and his adorable pooches!)   I should warn you, a visit can be a little enabling if you're a shopper - and what stitcher doesn't like shopping, right?  Maybe I'm just very easily tempted to add to my stash when I see his gorgeous work!  If you stop by today, please remember to wish Edgar a Happy Birthday!!  (Hope he doesn't clobber me for sharing that info!)

The other blog I hope you'll visit is by the award-winning designer Theresa Baird, and it's titled Heart's Ease Examplar Workes.  I am already drooling over her latest design, "Norfolk Diligence," which is due to go on sale sometime this month:

What do you think?  This is DEFINITELY making its way to my stash ASAP! I should note that Theresa also stitches her own models, and I think you'll agree she does beautiful work.  I'm a huge lover of samplers with a well designed house in the design, but I really love the border on this piece (isn't that checkerboard border that transforms into the floral border neat?)  I also love the floral bands in this design, as well as that sun and moon on either side of the house!  

I think I own all of her published sampler charts, and I have started stitching "A Maryland Inspiration," which I love (let's face it, I love ALL her designs!) If you go back through her blog, she has been leading a SAL of "A Maryland Inspiration" with suggested stitching for each month and tips for stitching each section -- I'm behind (of course) but I do love having her previous posts to refer to as I work on this piece.  Here's a pic of Theresa's model and the ribbons she won for this design:

I won't spoil the joy of taking a look at her blog by posting ALL of her model pictures here, but I do hope you'll take a minute to browse the border of her blog where you'll find photos of her models and some pics of future releases. I tend to love Christmas designs (and Halloween!) and I'm really looking forward to the chart for "Belsnickle's Victorian Christmas" when it is published.  I'm sure you'll agree it's going to be one you'll want to add to your own Christmas stitching collection: 

Hope everyone has a great weekend full of stitching and blog hopping!  Kevin 


Monday, August 12, 2013

Wild Berries and M Woods

A beautiful sunny day here in South Florida.  Not yet broiling out - but getting there!! I had a guest join me outside for my morning coffee today.  Seems to be enjoying himself.  Think he's thinking, "Now where is that cabana boy with my DRINK?!"  Wish I caught the plants earlier - they're covered with beautiful purple flowers at dawn, but they wither as the day wanes on.  

Finally completed "Wild Berries" and really like how it turned out.  Tomorrow I plan to get over to Cross Stitch Cupboard in Fort Lauderdale to drop this off for framing, along with my Village of Hawk Run Hollow and Shepherd's Bush Green Snowman.   Will be great to see the gang there on Tuesday night. Been WAY too long since I joined the stitch-a-long group!  

And, I had a package arrive here Saturday full of the most GORGEOUS silks by Gloriana (Tudor silks) as well as (gulp) 50 count Lakeside Linen Vintage Meadow Rue.  These were the June sampler of the month selections from The Attic in Arizona, and I can't wait to start this one.  

The photos just don't do these silks justice -- they are MUCH brighter in person, as is the linen. I really need a NEW iPhone as I still have the 3GS model. But, if you zoom in you can see just how teensy this 50 count linen is (the color is beautiful). Sorry about my shadow - was taking pics out in the sun to "try" to get the color right.  Didn't quite work. Oh well! 
 Here's the chart for M. Woods with the model done on a lighter shade of 40 count linen, I believe. 

And, as you saw earlier -- an inquisitive friend had to come out to see what all the fuss was about.  He wasn't too happy that "his" lounge ottoman was being used as my photo studio! 

 AHHHH, much better! 
Happy Monday and happy stitching! Kevin and Seamus 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Pretties from The Drawn Thread!!

Love all of these!!! 
Autumn Garden

When Skeletons Dance

  Halloween Screen

 Autumn Jumble 

Seamus got a haircut!

And here's Mr. Seamus rockin' his new summer crew cut!  He looks about 20 pounds lighter.  Wish that worked for ME when I get my hair cut!  ;)

Getting there stitch by stitch... Had ANOTHER fiasco with the FROG last night! Grrrr!  This is my third time stitching this tree!! Hopefully, it'll be the "charm," as they say!  I want to get to the bird today! 

No explanation needed.  :-D

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wild Berries and a dastardly FROG!

If any of you have insomnia, you know what torture it is to spend the night shifting and re-arranging pillows and so forth -- ANYTHING to get some SLEEP!   I usually can't sleep more than three hours at any one time, tops.  I know that it's bad for me - trust me.  But I take a slew of medications for my bum back, and I guess the payoff for trying to live with some moderate reduction in pain is lack of ZZZZ's. :-(

I usually can't even stitch when I'm up all night - I just cannot seem to get comfortable or can't focus my eyes something. Well, the past night or two I decided I'm going to change THAT and was progressing along quite nicely (I thought) on the newest Blackbird Designs "Wild Berries" when -- wouldn't ya know -- I discovered yesterday that I had managed to totally mess up my count.   Don't you hate that!? Drives me bonkers!! And this was such a careless error on my part.  But, of course, one little row of stitches off can really throw your project into a tailspin, right?  

And, once I start frogging, I seem to have trouble STOPPING!  It seems like I'll start out thinking, "Oh, I'll just need to take out this teensy little row," or "OHHH...this isn't TOO bad a mistake!"  WRONG!! Like a knit sweater with a loose thread that just unravels to pieces, that seems to be my "story" every time I begin to pull out a mistake.  And last night was no exception.  What started out as just removing a little bit of a border, ended up with my pulling out a good hunk of the border...and then the alphabet letters which were off....and then the tree trunk that was off...and then.... Well, you get the idea!

Tonight I conked out around 10 PM while watching TV (I must be revisiting my "teaching" hours!) and then, as usual, up I popped out of a sound sleep sometime shortly after midnight.  I took my pain medication as my hip was SCREAMING at me, then I checked on emails, then thought, "I really need to fix that Blackbird piece - insomnia be cursed!" 

I must have dozed off for a while because it doesn't seem like I made a lot of progress during the night. 
But I have the coffee cranking and I plan to spend the day moving right ahead with this.   Here's where I was at about 2:00 AM (I think?)  I can't even remember what time I snapped the picture!  Lol!  I am further than this now, but just don't feel like getting up to snap another photo. I must say -- the colors the Blackbird girls chose for this design are very appealing to me.  Hope the pic does them justice (I did click the "auto enhance" just to brighten it up a bit!)  Ok, JAVA - I smell ya calling to me!  Off to caffeinate myself and STITCH my fingers off!   Have a great Wednesday, folks. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

I'm still alive and kickin' -- STITCHIN' actually!

Well, I have been a very, very bad blogger!  I honestly have been so busy stitching lately (and, yes, STILL working on organizing as well!) that my computer time has been taking a hit.   There are only so many hours in a day, right?  I guess I finally came to the realization that I cannot ever hope to catch up with my HOARD here if I spend a large hunk of each day attached to my iPad, SOOO I've been trying to limit my computer time to my morning coffee time only -- and let me tell you, it's been working!

First, here's a small project I finished - the first in the series of twelve Sheep Virtues by LHN.  I'm using hand-spun, hand-dyed wool fibers by Liz at Dragonflylotus.  
I have a lot of catching up to do on this series, as I believe we're up to the sixth sheep.  So, I'm only five behind.  Baa baa!! 

Next, I've started stitching this GORGEOUS sampler by Theresa Baird - A Maryland Inspiration.  Don't have a progress pic to share yet, but here's a photo of the model.  Don't you absolutely love it?  Theresa is definitely at the top of my list of favorite designers! 
I also grabbed two other charts designed by Theresa Baird: Stone House on the Brandywine, and A Cottage by the Sea.   The cottage chart is only available at Salty Yarns, so head on over there if you want to stitch this beauty!!
Today, I'm busily at work stitching the first in the new Loose Feathers series by Blackbird Designs, called "Wild Berries."  Again, this is a model pic (sorry!) but I'm about 1/2 way done and am hoping to finish this one today or tomorrow! The colors of the Gentle Arts fibers for this one are beautiful, by the way!  Don't you love the bird?  I have a weakness for designs with BIRDS and HOUSES. 
I'm also working on the Lizzie Kate "mystery" Halloween design from last year, and have two Scarlet Letter samplers I'm still working on - "The Sampler" and "Cornelia Vanderveer."  Whew - long list, I know! ;-)

Lastly, I have been pretty diligent with my "Operation Organization" here.  I've managed to sort almost all of my stash into groups by designer, type up lists of the titles of a good number of my charts (by designer, and in ALPHABETICAL ORDER, thanks to Word), and have labeled and organized all my fabrics AND fibers! I know that sounds like I must be finished, but NOPE!! Still dealing with piles all over my craft room (aka, Guest Bedroom!) and still have a hefty STACK of WIP's sitting next to my stitching spot.  But I did finish constructing my two lateral filing cabinets, so I have a place for a chunk of my charts to reside. 

For some reason, my Wheaten Terrier Seamus has decided he likes jumping up and getting comfortable on my stitching area - so I now need to cover everything or move it all out of the reach of his dirty paws anytime I move away from stitching (like right now).  But, he's a sweetheart and I love his company, so I'm not complaining.  He had a very scary (and expensive) bout with some mystery illness
last month, and I was really scared I was going to lose him.  So, I'm grateful he's back to his energetic self and happy he wants to spend time with me.  

Hope everyone has a great Sunday.  Happy stitching - and next time I'll have more actual pics of my progress on my projects!!  Kevin 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Men Who Stitch

I had an interview by Emma from DMC threads for their "Men Who Stitch" series.

It appeared today at the DMC Threads blog along with some photos of some of my finishes.  I'm glad they are doing this series about stitching and showing that our craft extends beyond gender lines.  It is rare to find guys who stitch, but it's definitely something I think more men would enjoy if they tried it.  I happen to find it very relaxing and stress-reducing (except for the occasional FROGGING of course).   Here's the article:

Hi all! I’m back with the second in this month’s series of interviews with Men Who Stitch – this week I’d like to introduce you to the talented stitching of Kevin Tober, who you can find at the blog Cabbages and Kings. I was captivated by Kevin’s detailed, intricate cross stitching – read on to learn more about him and see some of his favorite projects…
Village of Hawk Run Hollow, stitched by KevinHow long have you been stitching? 
I started stitching while recuperating from back surgery in 2004. I pretty much taught myself by following the directions in a Dimensions Gold kit. I really got hooked on this hobby when I brought my finished piece to a local cross stitch store for framing (The Crossstitch Cupboard in Fort Lauderdale) and was asked to enter it in their annual contest. I won a ribbon and prize money and was hooked ever since!
What is your favorite aspect of stitching – collecting materials, planning, starting, finishing, etc? 
This is rather funny, because I’m known as “an enabler” in some Facebook stitching sites I like to visit. I guess the collecting of materials is one of my favorite parts – I love seeing new designs and collecting charts from my favorite designers. I’m definitely a “floss junkie” as well, and love purchasing, collecting and sorting different flosses for various projects.
What is your favorite project that you have stitched? 
I loved working on Kathy Barrick’s “Village of Hawk Run Hollow” by Carriage House Samplings. It was my first attempt at using 40 count linen, which I really ended up loving, and I recently stitched the model for Kathy’s “Crowned Heart” design, which was exciting. I also have several large projects by Martina Weber of Chatelaine Designs which I’m working on that are enjoyable due to the variety of stitches used and their size.
Kathy Barrick's "Crowned Heart" stitched by KevinWhat kind of reactions do you get when people see you stitching? 
I have to confess, I don’t really stitch in public so I haven’t received any shocked stares or crazy looks yet. I do appreciate that fellow stitchers (both male and female) are very accepting and encouraging when they see that a guy enjoys this hobby of counted cross stitching which is usually considered a craft done by women.
What would your dream project be? 
I’ve started stitching “And They Sinned” by Dames Exemplar, and it is my dream to complete it. I’ve recently begun stitching reproduction samplers, and “Ann Medd” by Scarlet Letter is one that I’d like to stitch someday. The designs by Heaven and Earth Designs are also something that I hope to one day stitch. Those are intimidating to me due to their size, the intricacy of their design, and all the confetti stitching, but I hope to one day complete at least one HAED piece. I have one all kitted up, DMC all organized and on spools ready to start it!
Medieval Garden stitched by KevinHow many hours a week do you spend stitching? 
This alternates because of my back problems and subsequent chronic pain. Stitching is a great form of pain management for me, actually, but it’s a “catch 22″ situation as I just can’t seem to get off the couch and stitch on some days. I’d say this might be anywhere from a couple of hours a day stitching to ENTIRE days (and nights) when I’m feeling well and excited about a project I’m working on.
Do you have any other creative hobbies? 
I can’t draw, but I do have a sister who’s an artist. I do love the performing arts, though, and used to be active in theater before my back problems. I can play the piano and sing as well.
Sail Away stitched by KevinDo you stitch from patterns or do you create your own? 
I use charts/patterns and have quite a lot of “stash” to choose from. I would like to try designing my own someday!
Do you have any favorite DMC colors? What is your favorite DMC thread? 
I love the 500 through 504 range, because blue and green are my favorite colors. I love the variegated Delft Blue as well. The six stranded embroidery floss is my favorite because it’s readily available at so many stitching and craft stores, and so many projects are charted for DMC floss.
Do you ever meet and share your work with other stitchers? What is your favorite way to do that? 
I used to go every Tuesday evening to The Crossstitch Cupboard’s weekly stitching group, which I really need to start doing again! I love Facebook and have many online stitching friends. I also love following stitching blogs and seeing/sharing work through blogging.
Kevin, it was wonderful to meet you! Thank you so much for sharing your responses with our readers and for doing such wonderful stitching with DMC Threads!


And on that note, I have quite a few WIP's here that desperately need some attention!  Lol! Have a great weekend and happy stitching!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Great giveaway at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe for a friend!


Go to her blog and nominate a FRIEND whom you'd love to see win a collection of ten of her
beautiful flosses in the 1795 Collection.   Blog and contest found at:

Here's a copy of the original post from VICTORIAN MOTTO SAMPLER SHOPPE blog:

A SPECIAL give-away, please enter now.

I was thinking I would like to have a different give-away, a special give-away. This time I want you to tell me what friend you would like me to give a gift to! I want to give 10 skeins of floss to a few enter now and tell me your friend's name. Lets not go into personal details as to hardships, etc....just a special friend you would like to enter in the give-away.
PLEASE make sure I have your email address to notify you and then you can give me your friend's address. I mail world-wide. The post office loves me!
I will pick 10 skeins of floss from the new 1795 Collection.
Or you can tell me your friend's favorite colors. Lets pick three winners. Enter now....tell me your friend's name and I will draw three names on June 30th. Please check back on the 30th if you don't post your email address.
RULES: You must be a follower and post a comment here. Post on your blog and get 10 more entries.

Thanks for stopping by and joining in the "giving" fun! I love to share.