Sunday, January 27, 2013

Macbeth and cross stitch?

I really love it when I discover a cross stitch chart that has some ties to literature.  I guess because it unites two of my passions - the art of literature and the art of stitching - these types of charts just sort of intrigue me.

One chart which is in my pile of stash is Mirabilia's "Shakespeare's Fairies" by Nora Corbett.  I really must push this project higher up in my "to be stitched" pile!

I also love The Primitive Hare's designs which pay tribute to Dickens, such as The Christmas Carol Sock and The Christmas Carol Sampler.

I know there are others out there as well, but these are a few of my favorites which I own in my stash. 

I happened to DVR two episodes of "Shakespeare Uncovered" on PBS last night, and I'm watching Ethan Hawke prepare for the role of Macbeth, and I'm thinking to myself, what an awesome series of charts those would be which paid homage to Shakespeare!  I mean, his characters have been the subject of artwork for ages, so why not cross stitch, right?  

If I could design charts, I'd love to do a series reflecting upon the many characters and settings of Shakespeare's works.  Think of the possibilities of the Scottish landscape and Dunsinane,  Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and their evil quest for the crown, or the eerie Three Witches! 


  1. Great blog Kevin. You must have a great stash pile:)

  2. An intriguing thought which has set my creative juices flowing.