Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Shout out to Faye (aka, Carolina Stitcher)

Well it has been far too long since I've posted here.  February ended up not being the best month for me, and March sure did seem to "come in like a lion" rearing his angry jaws.   But, now we're into double digits here already, and it's time I got out of this funky mood and back to my stitching!

First I really want to give a HUGE shout-out to Faye, whom many of you know as Carolina Stitcher from her wonderful blog.  If you haven't seen her blog, I encourage you to take a look!  (Better have some handkerchiefs ready, cause I promise you'll be drooling over her gorgeous finishing work!!)  

Here's a shot of the first project from Colonial Gathering Club.  This was suggested to be finished as a "Colonial Candle Pocket" by the designer, Plum Street Samplings.  However, I really knew I would probably not use it to carry candles, so I asked Faye if there might be a way to finish it as a pin keep. 
Well, she sure did not disappoint!   I absolutely love how she finished this for me - including a little pin all antiqued and rusted holding a little scrap of fabric.  I told Faye I think it's just too nice to risk keeping it next to my stitching spot where my Wheaten Terrier might mistake it as a TOY!  (He's not the gentlest of creatures when he has anything filled with stuffing in his teeth!)  So, for now, I have it sitting on a wall unit across from my stitching spot where I can see it and it's out of the grasp of Seamus.  

And wait until you see Faye's work on the Little House sheep series! Or her Prairie Schooler Santa collection!  Honestly, her work speaks for itself, but I wanted to draw your attention to her blog in case you might have missed it before.  And if you happen to have any pieces that need finishing, you may just want to contact Faye yourself.  (Still can't believe I was actually toying with the idea of finishing this piece on my own - sans sewing machine or any finishing experience!) 

Here's my latest "mini finish" of "A is for Anchor" by The Prairie Schooler.  I say "mini finish" because I now only need to stitch up B to Z to complete this project!  LOL!  I'm using DMC floss (one ply) on 36 count Fabric Flair Ivory evenweave for this project.  And tomorrow it's on to "B is for Blackbird" along with Jan and her group stitching this project over in Tasmania!  To give you an idea of the task ahead, take a look at the fabric I still need to fill! (Gulp) Time to get it back on the Q-snaps so I can pretend it's not that much stitching left.  ;-)  Happy Stitching!