Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Sarah Chapple dilemma

Dear folks out there in CyberLand! 
First off, I wanted to thank all of you who so graciously offered your suggestions, tips, or general commiseration regarding my organization dilemma.  Yes, the battle is still being waged, but I have purchased two cherry wood lateral file cabinets for my charts which I love (just need to assemble - fun!) and a stack of Rubbermaid containers for my various flosses.  Tomorrow the real fun will begin as I try to cram all my stash into these things!  Ha ha ha!!

Now, today I have another dilemma that perhaps you can help me with.  I recently purchased the new Shakespeare's Peddler chart for Sarah Chapple sampler, and all the flosses needed.  I'm trying to decide upon fabric now.  I originally had chosen Lakeside Linen Vintage Luna (40 ct) which I thought I was happy with.  Now, I received a piece of Lakeside Linen Vintage Flagstone (40 ct) and I really like the color (pale gray/almost blue tones) and think it might be the better choice for Sarah Chapple? 

Here are some pics.  The Flagstone is on the left, and Luna on the right.  Any feedback?  Thanks once again! Kevin 

The flosses really aren't quite as dark as they came out in the photo.  Grrrr...

Here's the chart - the model in pic was stitched on R&R 18th Century Rook, but I honestly prefer Lakeside Linens to R&R fabric. 
Threads on Vintage Flagstone (pale gray shade) 

Threads on Vintage Luna (creamy yellow shade) 


  1. Oh this chart is a beauty. I love the Vintage Flagstone, the threads look good on it, it is a gorgeous fabric. I look forward to seeing your start.

  2. What a pretty chart! I am with the above poster also, I like the Flagstone. I always have such a hard time picking out fabric. Good luck on chossing and look forward to seeing your new start :)

  3. Kevin,
    If you want my 2cents worth... I like the Flagstone esp. because it looks closer to the reproduction.

  4. I vote for Flagstone...I think the colors look nicer on that one.

    So, did you make the call? Don't make me fly to your location and dial the phone for you my friend. :D

  5. Flagstone. The red and vanilla fibers show up better - at least on my monitor.

  6. I agree with the others, it has to be Flagstone. Cant wait to see your progress.

  7. Kevin, They look different in the "together" picture than they do in the individual pictures! But it just seems to me that the colors seem a bit more vibrant on Luna - even though they look good on both. Good luck!

    Sounds like you've made a great start on the organization dilemma as well. Keep us up to date on how it goes!

  8. I vote for the Flagstone.
    Can't wait to see your progress.

  9. Good luck with your choice of fabric and the organisation of all your stash, lots to keep you busy in those boxes.

  10. I'm in the minority--I love the Luna. The Flagstone seems a little cold to me . . .

  11. Hmmm, big dilemma. I'm for the Flagstone since it's on the unusual side of what I would use to stitch a sampler. I think Sarah Chapple will look gorgeous on Flagstone. Perhaps you should try stitching one of the flowers from the border on both and see what speaks to you!!

  12. Such beautiful design!
    I like both fabrics, but maybe the colours will come up little better on the Flagstone?
    The flower border with the lighter colours, may blend in too much with the creamy yellow...
    Looking forward to see your progress later on!
    Have a lovely day and take care,
    Anette & Skruttan

  13. Isn't organization one of the addictive parts of stitching? Glad you've got yours headed in the right direction.

  14. Have you chosen yet? I'm going with the majority - Flagstone!

    1. Thanks to everyone who gave me your input! I'm definitely going to use the Vintage Flagstone for Sarah Chapple. In fact, I decided to use the fat 1/4 I had here for Shores of Hawk Run Hollow, and I ordered a fat 1/2 yard for Sarah Chapple. Hopefully I can trim off the excess fabric and use it for something small. I hate wasting fabric or flosses.

  15. Kevin, I just stumbled across your blog and was excited to see that you are kitting up Sarah Chapple. I love the Flagstone you chose to use - I think it's an excellent choice for her. I'd been mulling over possibilities for fabric as well. I'm stitching a sampler on Weeks Confederate Grey, but wanted something a little more blue leaning for either Sarah or for another sampler I'm considering starting. Can't wait to see your start!