Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Organize, Schmorganize! Help! JoAnn Fabrics sale event.

I am officially overwhelmed.  JoAnn Fabrics has all of their storage on sale for 50% off their regular prices ONLINE ONLY until Saturday the 11th.

I've been looking at the site, and I am so brain dead I can't think.  I'm trying to figure out what I could best use to store my stash of flosses -- over dyed flosses (Weeks/GAST/Crescent Colours), silks, and DMC flosses.  

Right now, all my flosses are in (shudder) large Ziplock food storage bags and tossed inside a couple of different sized cardboard boxes (NOT shown - lol).   I know --- not good -- and also VERY time consuming when I'm searching for specific flosses for projects!  

My charts, sadly, aren't much better - they're mostly in the ziplock type bags they came in when they were purchased.  I'd like to "ideally" organize them by designer - and so far I purchased four large, clear plastic bins to stash the charts in once I get them out of their varied cardboard boxes and separated by designer and/or type (all reproduction samplers in one box, all Shepherd Bush kits in another, etc
Stash UN-organized

Getting there...
I've managed to separate all of my Shepherd's Bush kits and charts and even typed up a list and alphabetized them in a Word document which I can edit as need be.  I've placed these all in one bin, and I also organized my Blackbird Designs and The Prairie Schooler charts into separate piles, but that's it so far.  Still, some progress is better than none, I suppose. :-)

Organizing is fun! NOT! 

Any suggestions regarding floss storage (specifically if there is something that looks ideal from the sale at JoAnn Fabrics!) would be most appreciated! How do you store your flosses?  How about your charts and other stitching stash? Thanks in advance for your comments and help!  Kevin 


  1. Drool over a sale...

    I store my DMC flosses on plastic bobbin and put in a craft organizer. My charts are not ordered but I have them in file folders. I think you've inspired me to sort it all!

  2. I need advice too, so I won't be any help. lol! Good luck!

  3. I use two bins like this to store my DMC Floss: I painted them antique white. I put 4skeins in a drawer and it holds all of the DMC colors. They are hanging one on top if the other on my wall with printed labels on the front with the floss numbers. I love them! My other flosses hang on a swing arm hook thingy and they're organized by type of floss, in alphabetical order. The hook thing has 6 arms and holds a lot of floss. I realize that link probably won't work but maybe you can copy and paste it into the search line. ;-)

  4. For my DMC floss, I put each color into a separate floss bag (packs of 36 available at Joann's), then put the bags on the 2.5" DMC rings (also available at Joann's). They are in numerical order, and I quickly find out whether or not I have a particular color. Winding the floss around cards takes up much less space. The problem with this method is that when the floss comes off the cards, it is creased at approximately one-inch intervals--me no likee!

    I have a list of my overdyed flosses, but they remain in an unsorted state in one of my drawers.

    I also did a spreadsheet a couple of years ago listing all of my charts, WIPs, etc., but my problem is that I acquired stash more quickly than I could update the spreadsheet, so it's not very useful now!

    Good luck with your organizing!

  5. Your last picture Kevin is EXACTLY the way I store my linens and charts. =)

  6. Kevin,

    I too have storage issues - primarily I live at home with the folks - so you can imagine how that is working out. However, I do have my floss on bobbins - I wound every one of them by hand! ALL the colors of DMC (454).

    I then put them in the floss away bags that I ordered on Amazon (the ones that have 100 QTY) and store them on 9 inch screw lock rings from a company called USA lanyards.

    Here is the link:

    I now have three of the these rings holding my floss bags of DMC. They are then in turn put into separate boxes (I am using Hammermill boxes right now to hold each one - I will be getting the large hat boxes from Michaels Arts and Crafts - much prettier.)

    I also got two more of the rings so that I can put all my Kreinik threads on them. Yes, I am a thread junkie! :) But you know how it is, you have to have it, because you never know when you need it!

    My charts are somewhat organized, by they are not perfect yet (for me at least!), so it will be awhile before I am satisfied. I will say that I use a file box I picked up at Kmart that does both legal and letter size filings. I haven't seen them there for some time, so have no idea if they are discontinued.

    Good luck with the organization - and I have to say I am jealous - you at least have a ROOM! I am scattered between moms sewing room and the basement. AGH!

    Hugs and Love,
    Jennifer H

  7. I forgot to mention that eventually when I get my own space, I plan on hanging the rings on large heavy metal hooks in the craft room on the wall. It will be a great pop of some color! :P

    Jennifer H

  8. Congratulations Kevin! Even starting organization is good! I have started many times, but I don't think I've ever really finished.

    My flosses are a) on bobbins in little plastic "bobbin boxes" and b) in letter sized envelopes that fit into 2 drawer type containers that I think are about shoe size. I've taken all my charts that aren't kitted up or anything and put them in file type boxes that I got at Office Depot and alphabetized them by designer. These boxes hold the hanging folders so I can put a label/tab on each folder to know who the designer is. The charts that are kitted or have at least fabric or are a kit are in regular plastic storage boxes, I've found the 29 qt size perfect as most of the items stand up in there and can be easily "flipped" through. These are not organized other than projects I'd like to get to this year, projects from seminar classes or some such generality.

    Good luck and keep sharing ideas you come up with as there's always a better way!

  9. My DMC is in Floss-Away bags on rings, sorted by number. I started to organize my Weeks and GAST threads alphabetically but based on what I'm seeing, I obviously gave up that effort about 10 years ago. As for charts, I have two 2-drawer metal filing cabinets with hanging files. If I have a lot of charts by one designer (like Ink Circles), it gets its own hanging file. Otherwise, they are organized according to subject matter (the Miscellaneous file is huge). I also have charts that need to be filed stored in magazine files on the top shelf of a closet dedicated to stash ;). Fabric (plus threads and embellishments) was initially stored in a 5-drawer rattan chest (bought with a 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupon) but when my LNS offered me an Anchor perle cotton cabinet, I took that, removed the plastic floss inserts, and am using that to store the hand-dyed fabrics. Plain fabrics are still in the rattan chest. The 5-drawer chest and another rattan chest (the kind that has a large lid and is also filled!), reside in the sitting section of my bedroom so they look like they belong there (hee hee). I also have a large collection of magazines (mainly New Stitches), organized numerically in magazine files in that stitching closet. And numerous gallon zip-loc bags of projects that have been kitted are awaiting their start. While it may sound overwhelming, once I close that closet door, you don't see anything! LOL. - Tina

  10. My flosses are in the tiny storage bags I purchased from 123 Stitch. I put the floss number on the bags and then I put them in numerical order in the photo storage boxes you get from Michael's. I have three boxes full and number four has my specialty yarns.

    By the way Kevin.....Love your stash!

  11. I use a variety of options for my patterns. If the pattern is kitted, all the components are put in plastic envelopes or mesh bags and stored on a book shelves or in the chest of drawers in the guest room. For all the others, I use 12X12 boxes designed for scrapbook storage. If I have enough of one designer they will get their own box, otherwise I divide by size and stack them by designer. The advantage to the boxes, for me is that they stack very nicely on the wire shelves in the den's closet. Fabric is labeled with, company, color, count and size - if the piece is for a specific project that will be listed too. The fabrics are sorted by size and hung on pants hangers. They live in the den closet. Threads are a bit muddled. Most of my DMC are on bobbins in the good old plastic boxes. But some of them are in floss away bags and stored in photo boxes. I actually prefer the bags as the thread doesn't get as creased and you can store the left over bits more easily. Weeks and Crescent Colours are left on their hang tags and stored, alphabetically by company on big split rings. I hang them on the mesh shelves in the den closet. Most of my silks are stored in several File-a-Floss boxes. I haven't seen them in a few years so they may not be available anymore. Current rotation pieces are stored in Iris scrapbooking carts with one or two WIPs per drawer. The link to them is: I put everything, including a package of needles in the box, label it (LOVE my label maker) and slide it into the cart. When I want to work on it, I pull out the box and can start immediately.

  12. Everyone is definitely different, but this is how I do mine.
    I purchased storage cubes from Micheals. (,default,pd.html?start=11&cgid=products-scrapbooking-storage)The ones with the four little drawers are perfect for Floss-a-way bags. I currently use 2 sets for all my thread, but will need a third soon. Each drawer has a number of the bags in it. I do cut and put an index card into each bag for a bit of stability. I have all my DMC in these bags and also my specialty thread. Not sure if this helps, but if it does yay! LOL

  13. Is it all supposed to be neatly stored? I like the hunt. You know..." I know I have that chart (or fabric or floss) somewhere". And the hunt begins.

  14. I'm in the same boat as you needing to organize all my charts and fabrics and threads. My DMC threads are in those slotted containers...tip, buy fishing tackle boxes at a fishing goods store or a dollar store...way cheaper than the DMC boxes! Good luck with the organizing!

  15. Looks like you are well on the way to a good storage system on the charts and kits, I like the clear boxes.
    I am in a constant battle with my charts and kits and supplies.
    My flosses I have quite good system for, the standard clear floss boxes for the DMC floss, each colour on a bobbin. Perfect system, and easy to keep track on what colours I need to refill and also very little waste on the threads.
    My Weeks Dye & Gentle Art are stored in plastic bags on big metal rings. My silks I have various ways to store depending if they are on skeins or wood spools etc.
    Wish you luck on your path!:)
    Greetings from
    Anette & Skruttan the cat(currently boiling hot, sleeping on a bench above a radiator:)

  16. For my floss, I used to have them all in three separate containers. Now it all fits in this -

    As for my patterns and kits - still working on it!

  17. Thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas and encouragement! This weekend I hope to be DONE with this re-organization for good, and then it's back to long overdue STITCHING time for me.

    I'll post some pics when I get things more or less settled here. THANKS EVERYONE! Kevin

  18. What you need is a nice antique floss cabinet! They are beautiful and expensive. But that is really what you need!