Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The never-ending shopping spree!

Well, just as I suspected, the Nashville Market has released yet more projects than my weak will can  resist.   Now, when I will ever have the time to stitch all of these, I don't know.  But isn't there an expression that goes, "The heart wants what the heart wants" ?

In my case, it's more like "the stitcher wants what the STITCHER wants!"

Luckily - Marty is offering all the new Nashville releases at for 15% off through Sunday, March 10th!!  Gotta love Marty - she's like my "dealer" when I need my stitching "fix!"   LOL!!

New Limited Edition kit (includes flosses, but not fabric) from Little House Needleworks.
 I like the term "Needleworker" better than "stitcher," but I'm not sure why! 
"Grande Olde Flag Sampler" by Chessie and Me
 (love that willow tree - plus I love houses and birds, and of course our flag!) 

Baked Alaska - Part of the A-Maze-ing Dessert Series by Glendon Place
LOVE THESE DESIGNS - I have all of them now, and this one
is tied with Grasshopper Pie as my favorite! (Dinky Dyes silks on PTP Aeriel linen)
Tirimisu - A-Maze-ing Dessert Series by Glendon Place
This series is stitched with Dinky Dyes silks on PTP fabric (Mesa is used for this design)
Rachel Howells by The Scarlett House
Again - LOVE those birds and the house!  Adam and Eve are in there as well.
Maria Selby Humphrey - 1831 by Blackbird Designs
There are very few of these Blackbird Designs charts that I don't like!
Honeybee Hill by Blackbird Designs
I love that Blackbird includes clear finishing directions for their "craft-y" projects.
I have purchased many of the crafting materials, but have I "finished" any yet? Nah!
Be Attitude by Shepherd's Bush (chart only, not a kit)
I LOVE the kits made by Shepherd's Bush - awesome silks and linens included with them.
This design is just the chart - but I couldn't resist buying it.

These two are by Kathy Barrick, whom I'm VERY happy is designing charts again!!
I actually stitched the model for Crowned Heart - my first model stitching "gig" - and boy was
I ever happy that it was for Kathy! I'm a huge FAN!!  :)
And last, but not LEAST, I just received another Scarlet Letter kit in the mail -- really
love this one and am now debating which SL sampler to stitch first!
Elizabeth Sheffield
Have a great day -- and happy stitching (and shopping?) everyone!


  1. Great choices! I had great fun picking my favourites too - Kathy's cat and one of the Blackbird books, among others, will be winging their way to me soon.

  2. Wow! Your stash basket must be phenomenal!!! LOVE the Glendon Place designs!

    And I have to agree with you: I think the term "Needleworker" sounds so much more elegant than "Stitcher."

  3. What a great stash haul. Those are going to keep you busy for a long time!! And Congrats on being a model stitcher for Kathy! I think it's so much fun to work on something before everyone else lays their eyes on it!!

  4. Great stash!! I love it! I love Elizabeth Sheffield and have her kitted and ready to start for that someday project. She's a beauty!

  5. That will keep you out of trouble:)

  6. More great stash Kevin. A stitcher after my heart.


  7. I'm working on "Cat and mouse" now; it's a fun stitch

  8. These are nice, Kevin, but I especially like Elizabeth Sheffield!

  9. I know the feeling! I went to Williamsburg, Va. this week with my daughter. I went to the one cross stitch store I could locate and walked out with a new chart and fabric. I try not to go into the store in Alexandria, Va too often because I know I'll see something I just have to have.

  10. Kevin, welcome to our club. You are now officially a needlework junkie. The only way to be. Now e joy your stash.

  11. Ohhh they are all wonderful !!!