Friday, March 1, 2013

The 2013 WIPocalypse

Came across this blog post this morning (can't remember what path brought me to it, but I can easily get lost in blog land for hours if I'm not careful!)

If you're a stitcher, and if you're reading this blog you most likely are,  I'm sure you've told yourself something along the lines of, "THIS year, I'm really going to finish up ______!"  You can insert the name there of whichever piece it is that you've been promising yourself you'd get done. Or like me, you may have multiple unfinished works.

Well, I'm drawing close to a (gasp!) finish of Hawk Run Hollow here, so it's time to seriously take stock of what is lying about or stashed out of view that really needs to get some love and attention this year.

Here's a list of WIPs I hope to work on this year, 2013 (not complete list):

         1.  The Drawn Thread "Toccatta #2"
         2.  Chatelaine "Persian Iris Garden"
         3.  Chatelaine "King's Vegetable Garden"
         4.  Chatelaine "Victorian Garden"
         5.  Carriage House Samplings "Village of Hawk Run Hollow"
         6.  Lizzie Kate "Very Scary Mystery Sampler 2012"
         7.  Lizzie Kate  "Six Fat Men"
         8.  ByGone Stitches "Christmas Quaker 2- Songs of the Season"
         9.  Dames Examplar "And They Sinned"
        10. Scarlet Letter  "Cornelia VanDerveer 18__"
        11. RK Portfolio "Palm"
        12. Shepherd's Bush "Peter's Patch"
        13. Shepherd's Bush "Grey Snowman"
        14. Scarlet Letter "Elizabeth Simon"
        15. Brightneedle "Key West Sampler"
        16. Little House Needleworks "Little Sheep Virtues"
        17. Country Cottage Needleworks "Santa's Village"
        18. SamSarah monthly calendar tags (can't think of correct title!)

I think there are more stashed away that escape my memory at the moment, but you get the gist -
these are far too many projects to be in a state of unfinished business! So fess up, folks! Now it's your
turn to take stock and think about those WIPs and UFO's hiding out in your homes.  Come on - don't be shy!  Join the WIPocalypse! Or at least make yourself a list to think about the next time you're anxious to start something new. ;-)


  1. That's a great list Kevin - so nice to see you join the WIPocalypse club :-)

  2. Now i don't feel so bad about all mu WIP's!!!

  3. That is quite a list Kevin. Have fun and here's to lots of finishes

  4. I like your list! Very nice! Sorry, I'm not fessing up. lol! Maybe one day I will. :)

  5. What a great list Kevin. Only problem, you haven't caught up to me yet. lol