Friday, February 22, 2013

The Shining Needle Society

I recently received an email from designer Kathy Rees about a new counted canvas design she's releasing titled "Sherwood Garden."  Here's a picture of it in its original colorway, but there are FOUR additional color ways available (Peacock, Bermuda Reef, Stained Glass and Camouflage!)

The exciting news about this latest design is that Kathy will be teaching a cyber class to guide stitchers in the creation of this design!  She will be teaching via Shining Needle Society (a Yahoo group) and the full kit will be mailed to you before class starts this Spring. (Yes, I couldn't resist, and signed up for the Bermuda Reef colorway and class!)  Here's what Kathy had to say about this design:

"I will also be teaching this class online through the Shining Needle Society. If you're not familiar with the Shining Needle Society or want to join, send an email to Kate Gaunt (the leader) at It's easy to sign up, it's free and the only emails you get are announcements about classes. Membership offers you access to classes from dozens of teachers and you only pay if you sign up for a class. I'm honored to be the newest addition to the faculty and registration for Sherwood Garden runs through March 8th. So far 20 states and 2 countries are represented by registration! I'm excited to see how many different states I'll end up with when registration closes! You can see details and photos of the alternate colorways in the Shining Needle Class anouncement at"
 I'm super excited for two reasons -- one, I'll be getting guided instructions from the designer (Kathy) and two, I'm now a member of The Shining Needle Society, which offers some truly amazing online classes and materials from the designers/instructors.

After joining up with Shining Needle Society, I received notices about several upcoming classes.  One that DEFINITELY made my heart skip a beat was called Sun Dragon (by Dorothy Lesher):

I am still thinking about joining this class as well (meaning, you KNOW I'll eventually break down and join!)  But, even more exciting to me is Dorothy's "Moon Dragon" design which will be taught later and is featured in the Shining Needle Society class notice:

To learn more about these designs, check out the links above or contact Kate Gaunt at to join Shining Needle Society.  There is no cost to join the SNS group - you only pay for the classes/materials that interest you.  


  1. SNS offer so many wonderful classes, it is amazing what beauty you can create with your needle.

  2. SNS is always so tempting! I've never tried any canvaswork before. I'm hoping not to be tempted. lol! I do love seeing what's on offer though. Have fun with your class, and sign up for the dragon one! :D

  3. Both projects look like fun!!! Thanks for the info on SNS!

  4. Both thr pojects are beautiful. Enjoy it !!