Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Movin' On Up to the Big Time!

Any child of the 1970's knows the theme song from "The Jeffersons."  We can probably sing it in our sleep!  And no, I'm not moving into "that penthouse apartment in the sky," but I do feel as though I'm walking on air a bit here.  

No, no...I haven't finished one of my three pending Chatelaines (one day...sigh) and no, I haven't conquered that Grand Prix of stitching known as a HAED design, yet.  But I have taken the next step toward achieving those goals, and many more, because I am now the proud owner of (drum roll please) a Needle Needs MILLENIUM FRAME!


Well, OK, so I don't actually HAVE my frame here, yet.  But it's been ordered and paid for and will soon be making its voyage "across the Pond" to little ole me in little ole Pompano Beach.  Am I excited about this?  Naaaahhhh. I'm ecstatic about this!  You see, I've tried two other frames for stitching and try as I might, I just couldn't get excited about them because they never had the drum tight tension I sought after.  No more problems in that area, though!  I've watched the videos and I've read the testimonials and critiques, and no one has said anything negative about this frame's ability to produce a nice, taut stitching surface.  Nirvana! At last! 

And get this - not only did I  buy the frame, but I also found someone selling her Necessaire  
floor stand ( built for use with the Millenium frames!) Now all I have to do is stitch and wait until the 
goodies arrive.  

I really hemmed and hawed about this part of the purchase.  I just wasn't 100% sure of its stellar reputation. But that was before I saw Nicola's superb video of the stand and frame in action on her blog:

Thank you, Nicola, for answering my questions about the frame and the stand, and for your videos.  Both videos were important pieces in my decision to go for the stitching gold.  I can't wait to get these beauties and start stitching like the pros!  Oh yes, George and Weezy, I surely have moved on UP!  (Got any extra room for me in the penthouse?)


  1. You too, huh? lol! Lucky you to find someone selling the stand! I ordered the frame and am waiting for it to be sent to me. They are out of stock of the stand forever it seems. I actually stitch in hand, but want the frame for my try with Manifesto on silk gauze, and for another project which the teacher insists should be on a frame. So impatience galore here.

    And yes indeed, I can sing that song. lol!

    1. Lol! Glad I'm not the only one who knows that song! How long do you think we will have to wait to receive the frame, Margaret? I ordered mine on Saturday. I hope it doesn't take terribly long. Yes, I'm impatient too!

  2. You won't be disappointed! I love my stand and frame and I'm a stitcher who's stitched in hand for years.

  3. I want one too!! Be sure to post, please, how you like it when you get it! And congrats on the stand, too!

  4. Thanks Terri!
    I'll definitely let you know how I like the frame and stand when I get it.

  5. Yes, please post about the frame and stand Kevin, it is good to hear other's views.