Friday, June 14, 2013

Men Who Stitch

I had an interview by Emma from DMC threads for their "Men Who Stitch" series.

It appeared today at the DMC Threads blog along with some photos of some of my finishes.  I'm glad they are doing this series about stitching and showing that our craft extends beyond gender lines.  It is rare to find guys who stitch, but it's definitely something I think more men would enjoy if they tried it.  I happen to find it very relaxing and stress-reducing (except for the occasional FROGGING of course).   Here's the article:

Hi all! I’m back with the second in this month’s series of interviews with Men Who Stitch – this week I’d like to introduce you to the talented stitching of Kevin Tober, who you can find at the blog Cabbages and Kings. I was captivated by Kevin’s detailed, intricate cross stitching – read on to learn more about him and see some of his favorite projects…
Village of Hawk Run Hollow, stitched by KevinHow long have you been stitching? 
I started stitching while recuperating from back surgery in 2004. I pretty much taught myself by following the directions in a Dimensions Gold kit. I really got hooked on this hobby when I brought my finished piece to a local cross stitch store for framing (The Crossstitch Cupboard in Fort Lauderdale) and was asked to enter it in their annual contest. I won a ribbon and prize money and was hooked ever since!
What is your favorite aspect of stitching – collecting materials, planning, starting, finishing, etc? 
This is rather funny, because I’m known as “an enabler” in some Facebook stitching sites I like to visit. I guess the collecting of materials is one of my favorite parts – I love seeing new designs and collecting charts from my favorite designers. I’m definitely a “floss junkie” as well, and love purchasing, collecting and sorting different flosses for various projects.
What is your favorite project that you have stitched? 
I loved working on Kathy Barrick’s “Village of Hawk Run Hollow” by Carriage House Samplings. It was my first attempt at using 40 count linen, which I really ended up loving, and I recently stitched the model for Kathy’s “Crowned Heart” design, which was exciting. I also have several large projects by Martina Weber of Chatelaine Designs which I’m working on that are enjoyable due to the variety of stitches used and their size.
Kathy Barrick's "Crowned Heart" stitched by KevinWhat kind of reactions do you get when people see you stitching? 
I have to confess, I don’t really stitch in public so I haven’t received any shocked stares or crazy looks yet. I do appreciate that fellow stitchers (both male and female) are very accepting and encouraging when they see that a guy enjoys this hobby of counted cross stitching which is usually considered a craft done by women.
What would your dream project be? 
I’ve started stitching “And They Sinned” by Dames Exemplar, and it is my dream to complete it. I’ve recently begun stitching reproduction samplers, and “Ann Medd” by Scarlet Letter is one that I’d like to stitch someday. The designs by Heaven and Earth Designs are also something that I hope to one day stitch. Those are intimidating to me due to their size, the intricacy of their design, and all the confetti stitching, but I hope to one day complete at least one HAED piece. I have one all kitted up, DMC all organized and on spools ready to start it!
Medieval Garden stitched by KevinHow many hours a week do you spend stitching? 
This alternates because of my back problems and subsequent chronic pain. Stitching is a great form of pain management for me, actually, but it’s a “catch 22″ situation as I just can’t seem to get off the couch and stitch on some days. I’d say this might be anywhere from a couple of hours a day stitching to ENTIRE days (and nights) when I’m feeling well and excited about a project I’m working on.
Do you have any other creative hobbies? 
I can’t draw, but I do have a sister who’s an artist. I do love the performing arts, though, and used to be active in theater before my back problems. I can play the piano and sing as well.
Sail Away stitched by KevinDo you stitch from patterns or do you create your own? 
I use charts/patterns and have quite a lot of “stash” to choose from. I would like to try designing my own someday!
Do you have any favorite DMC colors? What is your favorite DMC thread? 
I love the 500 through 504 range, because blue and green are my favorite colors. I love the variegated Delft Blue as well. The six stranded embroidery floss is my favorite because it’s readily available at so many stitching and craft stores, and so many projects are charted for DMC floss.
Do you ever meet and share your work with other stitchers? What is your favorite way to do that? 
I used to go every Tuesday evening to The Crossstitch Cupboard’s weekly stitching group, which I really need to start doing again! I love Facebook and have many online stitching friends. I also love following stitching blogs and seeing/sharing work through blogging.
Kevin, it was wonderful to meet you! Thank you so much for sharing your responses with our readers and for doing such wonderful stitching with DMC Threads!


And on that note, I have quite a few WIP's here that desperately need some attention!  Lol! Have a great weekend and happy stitching!


  1. Very interesting interview. You've stitched some wonderful projects Kevin.

  2. What a super interview, congrats!!

  3. So cool Kevin. Good for you. I read it all and found it real interesting. Have a good night now.

  4. Great interview and very nice to learn more about you and your stitching likes. ~Nan

  5. How cool is that!! Very nice interview, and love seeing your pieces too!

  6. What a great interview Kevin. I enjoyed reading it. My husband stitches a little, but doesn't want anybody around here to know. He is working on Bothy Threads cut-thru Narrow Boat. You can see progress pics on my blog.


  7. Very nice interview! Your pieces are beautiful!

  8. Nice read - congrats on being featured.

  9. That was a very enjoyable interview to read. Your stitched pieces are a joy.

  10. Great interview and what a wonderful opportunity.

  11. Great job, Kevin! I'm so glad they contacted you and you agreed. I'm also so proud of you owning up to being an enabler!!! What on earth we on Facebook would do without you --- well, I just don't know!

    Keep up the great work.

  12. Kevin - Caught your interview on FB's DMC Threads page. It's nice to meet a guy who enjoys needlework and who isn't afraid to shout out loud "I HAVE STASH" and am proud of it... Ha Ha Ha....
    I don't know if you've heard of the designer Teresa Wentzler, but she's hands down my favorite. You can fine some of her designs at "Patterns on"

    TW Designs

    It's unfortunate that most of her patterns are now OOP. And yes, like you I'm an enabler too!!! Anyway Nice meeting you and your beautiful needle work.

  13. Hello. I'm a new visitor to your blog. I discovered you through your interview on dmc threads. I have stitched the Village of Hawks Run Hollow as well.

    My husband stitched for several months years ago while he was unemployed. It helped him keep his sanity!

    Hope you will visit my blog as well.

  14. Great interview Kevin. My friend and I call ourselves "Hunter/Gatherers". We have hunted and gathered so many stitching goodies we will have to live a long time to complete half of what we have. But that is half the fun. Love your work.
    Bye for now.

  15. Wonderful interview! Love the Hawk Run project!

  16. Hi Kevin, just learned about you on the DMC blog and the Stitcher's Village. Nice to "meet" you! I shop at the Cross Stitch Cupboard too, sometimes. Anyway, love the projects that you showcased. Hope my husband would stitch. I am going to have him read about you!

  17. Really enjoyed reading the interview and I'm especially interested in the fabric you used for Village of Hawks Run Hollow - I have that pattern and I would like to use a fabric with some color dimension but I don't know which color would look the best. Now that you have it completed, are you happy with the color you chose and would you want to let me know what it is? Any advice is appreciated!

  18. Hello

    Just found your blog.

    Great interview with Emma!
    Your stitching is lovely and Seamus is adorable!
    Happy weekend (:

  19. I loved reading your interview with Emma. And I particularly loved your answer on the question about your favourite aspect of stitching. I think this is the point where we stitchers are all very similar. I also love hunting for and gathering stash very much. Too much, lol.

  20. Well Congrats to you Kevin! I enjoyed reading the article. I totally get the interest in male stitchers, there should be more of them. :D

  21. Great article Kevin! It was great to read more about you and I love your dream of stitching "And they sinned!" That's a dream of mine too!

  22. Great article Kevin! :-) Love your blog title and quote btw. Alice in Wonderland is my favorite movie!

  23. Really enjoyed reading your interview, Kevin--you've done some lovely pieces :)