Saturday, April 6, 2013

Springtime Giveaway!

Well, I now have 101 followers, and I promised I'd have a giveaway
once I reached 100! Thanks for checking out my blog, friends! 

I'm offering two projects as giveaways.  Hopefully, they'll be something of interest to
my faithful, and new-found, followers! 

To enter the giveaway, write a comment on this post.  It's as simple as that, really! 
You can tell me 
 a little about yourself - how you got started stitching and/or what you love about our craft.

I will number the comments in the order in which they're made.
On Monday morning, I'll use the nifty random number generator I installed last night, 
and I'll edit the range of numbers to match the comments (if 20 people enter, I'll make the computer
select a random number from 1-20, in other words.)
Since I have two gifts I'm giving away, I'll do that process twice 
and the two lucky comments which match the two random numbers will be the winners. 
PLEASE leave your name with your comment, so I can announce who the winners are! 

The first giveaway is a completely kitted Mirabilia project:

"Cottage Garden Fairy"

This includes: the chart, all DMC needed, Solo Silkweaver 32 count linen,
and all the Kreiniks, beads and treasures listed on the chart.
The second giveaway is another kitted up project called

Lighthouse Summer Garden by Liz Diehl

The kit contains: Madeira cotton flosses, metallic and blending fibers
by GlissenGloss, two ColorWash Japanese silks, and all beads and treasures needed.
(or you can use something from your stash!)
I hope that these giveaways are something that interest you!
(And if not, you can always give them away as a gift to a stitching friend!!)
Best of luck to you all -- and thanks again for visiting my blog!!
Have a great weekend!   Kevin


  1. Hi Kevin,

    I would love to be entered for your giveaway - some fabulous prizes!

    I started stitching when I was given a small butterfly kit for my 17th birthday, and I was hooked!

    The best thing about stitching is seeing your work grow into something wonderful...

  2. Hi Kevin ~
    Congratulations on reaching over 100 followers - very exciting for you.

  3. Hi Kevin

    Congratulations on reaching 100 followers!

    Wow, those are some generous prizes - I would love to be included please :)


  4. Congratulations on 100 followers! I bet you will have many more soon! You are so generous -- thanks, I'd love to be included! I started stitching as a girl, but that was embroidery. When I first was married, I was taught quilting by my neighborhood friends. Then stitching came along, also shown me by a neighborhood friend. So much fun!

  5. Congratulations on 101 followers Kevin. I would love to be entered in your awesome giveaway. I love all the wonderful and supportive bloggers that I have met thru my stitching.


  6. So glad you have reached your 100 followers I am sure it will go up by more over the coming months too. Such generous giveaway prizes too.

    I've been cross-stitching far too many years to remember but got started by a work colleague and a magazine freebie and got completely hooked. I have quite a varied taste and always have a variety of projects on the go and even occasionally finish a few each year!

  7. Good luck to all the winners. Please don't include me in the give away, because i have so much stash myself :-)

  8. Congrats on 100+ followers!

    I started stitching as a teen, my mom stitched a lot then and I loved it right from the start.

  9. Hi Kevin,
    We're in a few of the same FB groups (Mira, SSSDDD, etc) and I've been admiring your work. I never knew you had a blog or I would have become a follower earlier!
    Anyways, congrats on having so many followers and thank you for the giveaway!

  10. Congratulations on reaching 100! A very nice prize selection....I have been stitching since I was about 7 or 8 years old...started with Chicken Scratch!

  11. Congrats on all the followers.

    As for my comment:

    I love to see men active in the cross stitch world! There are so few of you. :)

    1. Congrats on winning the Cottage Garden Fairy chart and materials, Marie! I mailed your goodies this morning, so you should have them Friday. Enjoy!

  12. Congratulations on 100 followers! I began cross stitching because I wanted to make a pretty little chart of roses I found. I love colors and flowers, so this is how I garden in the winter. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Connie Kline

  13. Congrats on hitting 100! I started cross stitching because I became a stay-at-home-mom a few years ago and I needed something to keep my hands and my mind busy. I love watching my projects come together stitch by stitch...and the stash enhancement isn't bad either :) Thank you for entering me in your giveaway, and here's to another 100 followers :)

  14. Hi Kevin! I started cross stitching when I ran out of needlepoint kits I liked. Now I'm addicted to Chatelaines ;). A dozen Jersey-fresh bagels if I win, lol.


  15. Congrats on reaching 100 followers!

  16. I'm Ginny from Va. Beach and I really love your blog; I started cross stitch in the 70's on Aida, then switched to linen. Seeing your finishes really motivates me to finish my WIPs!!! Soon you'll have 200 followers!!!

  17. Congrats on reaching your follower goal of 100 or more.
    I would love to be entered into your giveaway please, I am already a follower.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  18. I'd love to be included in the draw, please - thanks for the opportunity! Congrats on reaching 100 followers.

  19. Congrats on reaching 100 followers! I've been cross stitching for about 30 years now. Put it on the back burner for a few years when I learned to knit and became obsessed with that, but am now back into stitching with a vengeance! So many great new designers and patterns since I first started, and I love that so many patterns include charms and beads. I would love to be entered in your contest, and thanks:)

  20. Congrats on the followers! Please add me to the giveaway :)

  21. Congrats on reaching 101 followers, its always nice to find new blogs to read.
    Good luck to all who enter for your giveaway.

  22. congratulations on 100 people. I'm new to blogs and the computer so this is the third time writing this comment so I'm hoping I get it right. Please add me to your giveaway. My name is Melanie Johnson

  23. Congratulations on 100 people! My name is Julie. I stumbled on your blog via Stitchers' Village, and your work is lovely. I have stitched since I was about 8 years old and have just recently (mainly due to SV) tried to expand my stitch horizons.

    1. Congrats Julie! You won the Summer Lighthouse giveaway, but I haven't heard from you and have no email to contact you. If I don't hear back by this weekend, I guess I'll have to pick somebody else to gift the kit to. Hope I hear from you! Kevin

  24. Kevin,
    What a fun give away you're having! I've followed you on Facebook for a while, in SSS/DDD! I've loved all the enabling you do and you even "talk" me into many charts and patterns! Now it's even more fun to keep up with what you are working on at any given time with your blog!

    Keep up the good work and keep on stitching!


  25. Here I'm Kevin. Love your blog :)

  26. Congrats on over 100 followers. I am enjoying seeing your progress. You are such an inspiration to continue stitching.
    Angela @ stitchinginthezoo

  27. Karen at My Stitchy Ramblings posted about your blog and I followed her directions on over. Really enjoyed reading and congratulations on 100 followers! Hmmm, about me and stitching - I've been cross stitching for almost 30 years - picked it up as something to do when DSon wasn't sleeping well as a newborn. My favorite designer is Chatelaine, but have started taking an interest in reproduction samplers. That's the great thing about stitching, there's something for everyone.

  28. And your numbers are getting higher, good for you!
    Great give-a-way, I love both pieces. I've been stitching since 6th grade (seems like forever ago) and have enough to keep me going for quite a while longer! But can one ever have enough stash?

  29. What a generous give away! And what a delightful blog. I started cross stitch many years ago. I'm one of those people not happy to be sitting without my hands doing something. Cross stitch is one of the crafts that will allow a person to set aside a project and it won't be a disaster when you pick it back up again!

  30. Thanks to all who left comments/entries.
    The winning numbers were 11 and 23
    MARIE (11) won the Mirabilia Cottage Garden Fairy project
    JULIE (23) won the Lighthouse Garden kit. There were no last names, and I noticed two Julie's left comments. The winning Julie's profile says she's from Boston.

    Contact me at with your addresses, and I'll mail out your prizes ASAP. Congratulations, and thanks to all who entered!